The Micro-Universe

Recently my children have been studying the solar system and we have spent more than a few lessons studying the vastness of the universe. It is almost unbelievable how massive our universe is, it extends so far beyond what most of us even attempt to comprehend. However, while we have been studying this vast universe […]

Christmas in Judges

Christmas is almost upon us. This is often the time of year when people turn to the Gospel of Matthew or Luke for the birth story of Christ. This year I would encourage expanding that a bit and exploring Genesis 18 and Judges 13 before diving into Luke. Today I’m going to be looking at […]

Reset What?

So…fore warning. This is a book review of the latest Answers in Genesis (AiG) Book; “Gospel Reset”. Now, with that in mind I have been extremely critical of AiG in a past article. However, I wanted to reject my presuppositions and come at this from a fresh take. I have engaged numerous people as of […]

Seeking the One True God

This past week saw the release of the 3rd edition of Nabeel Qureshi’s Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus(hereafter abbreviated SAFJ). I was lucky enough to be on the book release team and received an early copy. In all honesty I had limited exposure to Nabeel’s story in the past and was actually more familiar with his friend, […]

Tolerance is Scubula (Σκύβαλον)

I can’t stress this enough, “tolerance” should be a dirty word. “Tolerance” in the sense it is used today has almost no use as a viable word in the English language anymore, it has declined into a contradictory meme of itself that provide no actual guidance on how to treat one another. It has become […]